Important Tips for Planning a Wedding

Your wedding requires a venue thus before you decide on the perfect venue for the wedding you need to first approximate the number of guest you will invite. Make sure the space is large enough to accommodate your crew, tables, bustling waiters, a band and a dance floor. Find out whether the day you are planning your wedding will interfere with a local event that will affect your wedding such as a trade conference, charity walk or any other local event. Book early hotel room if you expect your wedding day to collide with a social event that will require booking of hotels. Also, do make sure to prep stuff like  wedding dresses for big boobs if needed. 

If your event is to take place outside then you should listen to Mother Nature to opt for a better day that will not be interfered by weather. In case of hotter summer or heavy rains your guest are likely to skip the event and so you should consider the weather before deciding on the venue. You should consider having a plan B if you are not certain of the weather during your wedding day so that your wedding cannot be cut short.

{If your wedding will cost you a lot of money then you should consider taking advantage of the high cost by signing up for a credit with a rewards program. To cut down your cost you should cut down your guest list. A lot of money is spent in dining your guests thus ensure you limit the number of guests so that you don't spend more in dining and wining your guest if you can afford an expensive wedding. Make sure you pay your wedding photographers in advance together with the band that will entertain in your wedding to ensure they will be available during the wedding day. Also, brush up on  marriage one liners for fun. 

The wedding day meal plan needs to be prepared days before the wedding hence ensure you complete the planning early enough to enable you make a plan for the meal. Your wedding caterer needs to be aware a couple of days before the wedding day of the number of guests to attend to prepare adequate meal. If you intend to have a signature cocktail then you will have to have an extra designated server to this task if you expect many guests for the wedding since the cocktail cannot be made ahead of time. Also, ensure you leave some extra cost in case of any issue or expense that may arise during the wedding day that will need immediate attention. Here are some money saving wedding planning tips: